he's my boy friend
so board stuck baby sitting my 9 year old cousin and my 12 year old brother I am so bored just put my2 year old cousin to bed so ya now they are playing super Mario smash brothers or something like that idk what its but they are rally annoying me to death and I am blogging while our moms are at dinner help me and comment Q. and ill answer and follow you on instagram pleas please I am bagging you I am dying I need help they are such nerds and talking about video games so pleas save me from this hour I need your help to rescue me from this pit of boys 3 to1 I am so out numbered and so board at least I am sort feeling better but still have to go to special doctor yay me (btw I was joking) I am trying to go as long as possible so if you are reading this go a head and scrolled to the bottome and comment please pleas comment I am stuck hear for 2 mor hours and they work the baby up and I am about to hurt them. omg now they are talking about Yoshi. isent he a pokio carachter not Mario omg so confused. now talking about invisible axes and how it fell well if it was invisible you cant tell if it fell or not so therefor its not invisible if you can see it comment if you agre ok I am so bored it is official I need to sleep I am so hungry I am dreeming about one direction oh did I tell yo guys about my ubsetion with them ok so ill start I love them to death they are my inspiration and idol I would do any thing in the wourld to see them in pearson I lisen to all there music I love them especially Louis he is my fav. he is so nice and kind and I don't know what I would have done if they did not enter my life I might die so ya im done so bored save me know. k bye


so bored


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been sick all week ugg I really want to feel beater. I stayed home and I still feel like am going to barf :( I hope I don't feel this way the rest of the week cause it really sucks